The hospitality business can be very competitive, and hotel owners & operators alike, are always on the look-out to enhance their properties, to give the perfect hotel “experience” for their ever-demanding guests. While hotels spend a lot time & resources in sprucing up the design & renovation for their hotels, very often, the overall digital media experience is found lacking.

Imagine this !!! Your Hotel guests can be “greeted” with a display wall or screens at your Reception area, using Vistron’s very own ViX | smartInfinity Digital Signage solution, to deliver a welcome message, and to other services that you want to promote. These messages & services can be replicated at the Lounge, at the Pool, at the Café; well, almost anywhere !!!

Your guests can use their smart phones to “open” their Room doors; use the same phones to operate almost any electric appliances in their rooms – TV, lights, air-conditioners, set-top box, stereo, curtains, etc. This will herald a whole new convenience to your all-important hotel guests.

Your Business Centres can be equipped with the latest productivity & collaborative tools for the more discerning business travellers, who will require to constantly keep in touch with their HQ. Your Ballrooms can use innovative but cost-effective projection & BYOD tools to allow your customers – for more interactive events & conferences. All these new features will certainly provide a whole new experience for your hotel guests.


The modern office & workplace environment (and company) demand a lot out of their workers & employees. They want their employees to increase productivity & also ensure that their human capital investments will result in good returns, and thus would want to seek ways & means to increase interactivity & collaboration amongst its co-workers (and with their customers !!!).

Every department in your company – Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance & Administration, Management, etc – requires a Meeting Room to conduct their work & business. Thus, these meeting rooms should be equipped with smart & productive functionalities, to match the rising expectations of multiple users & across multiple meeting scenarios. From a simple large screen LCD panel for that all-important presentation, to a video-conferencing system, etc. Wait a minute !!! Someone may want to share his/her content from their mobile devices (BYOD), and it can easily be shared if you are equipped with cost-effective tools that wirelessly allow them to “beam” their content, straight to the screen.

You may also need to “train” your customers or have internal training sessions. These Training Rooms can be equipped with microphones for each individual participant; recording, archiving & streaming services; with interactive screens & boards (for more collaborations), and so on.

Your Management & Board members may need more sophisticated meeting/boardroom tools (multiple PC sources’ display) to ensure that they are well-equipped to handle the complexity & myriad of issues on a day-to-day basis; and this “correctly” provisioned room will come to its fore when there is a crisis.

The above productive functionalities do not just serve your internal meetings – your Reception area (where you first welcome your guests/customers), your Lounge areas, your Open areas, etc – can be provisioned with Vistron’s very own ViX | smartInfinity Digital Signage solution – to deliver a welcome message, corporate videos, information & videos on successful collaborations, etc.


Your Retail branch is an extremely crucial window to your all-important retail customers. This is where you will greet your customers; this is where your customers will “meet” your staff, your bank; your services to them, your products to them !!!

Thus, other than the physical décor, the friendly services that your staff is well-trained for – you will want your customer will be well-informed about your products & services; you will want to ensure that daily operations in your branches are conducted in a productive & efficient manner, you will want to promote & cross-market more products to your customer, etc.

Enter the modern Retail Bank Branch environment – it will have Digital Signage systems (Vistron’s ViX | smartInfinity Digital Signage solution) that will convey messages from you, promote products inside & outside your branches; it will have Queue systems (integrated with Digital Signage) that will efficiently allow you to conduct your business; it will have collaboration tools in your meeting rooms to allow more in-depth discussions with your VIP customers; it will have interactive systems at your Reception, at your Open/Lounge areas for more customer interactivity.


Houses of Worship are sacred places, and it is only befitting that the Audio Visual (AV) equipment used to convey the holy messages & scriptures are appropriately provisioned & reliable.

Vistron has provisioned, installed and most importantly, maintained the good working order of the various AV systems – projectors, LCD panels, speakers, recording & control systems, etc – that allow the houses of worship to connect with their faithful.

In the big hall where most people will congregate, we have ensured that the reliability & integrity of the projection & control systems, to ensure the religious sessions are not interrupted. These sessions can also be recorded & archived; and even be “streamed” to worshippers outside of those big halls, or even to another part of the planet.

Smaller prayer rooms can similarly be equipped for more private settings, but still as reliable and appropriate as the bigger ones.


Visitors to most Theme Parks have come to expect state-of-the-art rides & thrilling entertainment that are out-of-this-world !!! And they are right, most modern theme parks are packed with state-of-the-art technology to entertain visitors in a variety & in a myriad of ways.

Vistron, as a leading Audio Visual (AV) & Multi-media (MM) system integrator in Southeast Asia, has abundant expertise & experience, to enhance & “add” to these entertainment & attractions. We can add themes & “stories” via projection mapping & the relevant content development, to enhance an existing ride/attraction, or even to a new one.

Virtual Reality (VR) applications can also be used in a Museum setting – with the right content – to complement existing attractions. They allow the museum visitor to “live-through” the settings of the attraction as when they happened, hundreds of years ago. Similar projection mappings and state-of-the-art laser pointer technology can be utilised to the same effect.

17 Aug 2016
Vistron signs Southeast Asia Reseller Agreement with WorldViz, LLC.